3D Atomprobe-Tomography (3DAPT)


Determination of elements distribution within the small volume of sample and quantification of composition.

Specific information on the method:

  • Analyzed volume is 1003 nm3 or slightly bigger
  • Localization precision of atoms down to 1 nm
  • Lowest detectable concentration 7 ppm

Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

Experiment is conducted at 30-70 K temperature. Laser pulsing mode allows easily to measure insulator and semiconductor materials. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry has resolution 1200 that is enough to resolve e.g. 35Zr+3 versus 12C+.


Sample is usually prepared by FIB (focused ion beam). A sharp needle should be formed. Mainly solid state samples, enough mechanically durable, UHV suitable are required.

Examples of typical analytical questions:

  • 3D view of nanosize inclusions and different phase distribution in metal alloys
  • Study of concentration profiles at interfaces and segregation of impurities at grain boundaries
  • Distribution of dopants in semiconductor layers, quantum wells, dots and nanowires

Fields of research:

Materials for fuel cells, metal alloys, coatings, semiconductor devices and other electronic materials