Focused Ion Beam (FIB)


  • Imaging surfaces with ions and electrons
  • Structuring by cutting with ions
  • Imaging of 3D volumes by serial slicing
  • Production of thin lamellae for TEM investigations

Specific information on the method:

  • ion and electron column, both columns focus on a common coincidence point
  • image resolution in the nanometer range
  • material deposition by use of gas injection systems

Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:
Field emission gun, Electron beam resolution: < 1nm @ 15 kev, < 2.5 nm @ 1kev
Ion beam resolution: < 4nm @30 keV, up to 65 nA beam current
Chamber- and in lens detectors for secondary and backscattered electrons
Detector for secondary ions (ICE)
Gas injection systems (GIS) for Platinum, Carbon and Tungsten
Micromanipulator for TEM sample preparation
Software for auto slice and view serial imaging

Suitable for solids or powders, conductive samples, insulators possible,
Limitation: samples stable under UHV conditions and electron beam irradiation

Examples of typical analytical questions:

– In situ ion preparation of fine details for electron imaging
– Serial imaging for volume reconstruction of structural or functional ceramics
– TEM lamellae preparation

Fields of research:

Structural and functional ceramics, high-T alloys, coatings and thin films, materials for fuel cells, electronic devices, aerogels