Cryogenic Impact Testing
(GADALBINI Charpy Impact or INSTRON Drop Weight)


Characterization of mechanical fracture by impact test of materials at cryogenic temperature.

Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

  • Maximum energy : 450 J
  • Impact test via Charpy impact or drop weight
  • Temperature range: 292 K – 77 K
  • Impact heads equipped with full instrumentalization


Samples like metals, plastics/insulators or composite materials are possible
Limitation: standard size impact specimen necessary.

Examples of typicaly analytical questions:

  • Absorbed impact energy at different temperatures
  • Force-time diagram by instrumented impact test
  • Characterization of ductile-brittle crossover

Fields of research:

Pressurized cryogenic components need to be characterized and qualified utilizing impact tests. To investigate the impact behavior of different materials, like alloys or composite materials at cryogenic temperatures standard Charpy impact or more flexible the drop weight impact method is used.