Hydrogen Tank Test Facility II (HTTF II)

Specific information on the method:

  • The Hydrogen Tank Testing Facility II (HTTF II) is a setup conceived to test hydride-based hydrogen storage tanks with a capacity of up to 5 kg of hydrogen as to its charging and discharging speed as well as its storage capacity and hydrogen retention capability.
  • The measuring principle is the thermal flow meter, which allows measuring of hydrogen flow on the basis of its heat capacity. Manometers and thermometers are used to measure pressure and temperature at selected places.
  • Since the thermal management and heat flow control are, together with the hydrogen sorption behavior, the two most important characteristics of the tank (and influences on its behavior), the temperature and flow of the heat exchange fluid are carefully recorded in addition.


Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

The safety of the setup is guaranteed by the fact that all tanks to be tested will be required to fulfill a valid safety norm and, in most cases, be pressure proof-tested by a notified body. Natural ventilation is used to avoid the formation of an explosive atmosphere and all testing equipment is CE and safety certified.



The maximum testing conditions are 450 °C and 200 bar. Tanks operating outside these conditions will require additional ancillary equipment.

Examples of typical analytical questions:

A tank containing 10 kg of a 2:1 molar mixture of LiBH4 and MgH2 can be tested in his setup, as well as tanks based on sodium alanate, room temperature hydrides or amide/imide compounds.