Thermal conversion systems

The profound analysis of the microstructure of ceramic-based composites and new metallic alloys is necessary for improvement of high temperature conversion systems, especially when operating under highest thermo-mechanical and corrosive loading conditions.
Based on the available competence and methods especially mechanisms leading to degradation of performance of components are investigated. Gained insights are applied to obtain reliable life time predictions and on the other hand to develop improved materials and components.

Analytical tasks:

  • Structure and mechanism under operating conditions by HAX-PEEM
  • Surface reactions in liquid and gaseous media by AP-XPS
  • Element analysis on the atomic scale by 3DAPT
  • In-situ chemical and structural analysis in the nm-range by high-resolution TEM or in-situ TEM
  • Pore structure of electrodes, electrode/electrolyte interaction by high-T in-situ electrochemical testing
  • Fatigue and corrosion reactions of structural materials and functional protective coatings by synchrotron-based XRD and analytical TEM
  • High-resolution chemical and microstructural analysis by ion beam methods and positron annihilation
  • Fibre/matrix bonding and 3D microstructure