Röntgendiffraktionssystem D8 Discover (XRD)


Analyzing of phase, structure and/or orientation of powder, films, layer architectures and bulk materials.

Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

  • usable angular range 2q between 0 and 169° (depending on accessories)
  • Accuracy ± 0.005°
  • Resolution (FWHM) at 2q= 30° of 0.028°
  • Cu-radiation (point and line focus)
  • Information depth: from nm up to several µm (depending on accessories and materials)
  • All elements and structures
  • Bragg-Brentano measurements with automatic sample changer: up to 45 samples
  • Measurements at room temperature as well as in a high temperature chamber (sample heating up to 1200°C
  • With euler cradle: texture measurements at room temperature
  • Change of measurement mode (high counting modus or resolution modus)


Suitable for powder, films and bulk materials
Limitation with automatic sample changer: size of the sample (height 4mm and width 40mm):

Limitation with euler cradle: only one sample can be characterized and this sample has to be fixed on the sample holder (tilting and rotating of the sample and only at room temperature).

Examples of typicaly analytical questions:

  • Studying of structure and phase contents
  • Determination of lattice parameters
  • Investigation of orientation/texture
  • Determination of stresses

Fields of research:

Every crystalline material and even amorph-crystalline materials.