Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry coupled to Tandem Accelerator (Super-SIMS)


Quantification of the elemental and isotopic composition with a lateral resolution of 2 µm


Specific information on the method:

  • Depth information with a depth resolution of 2 nm
  • limit of detection down to < 1ppb (< 1 ng/g)
  • maximal lateral resolution 2 µm
  • elements: H – U (no noble gases)
  • high mass resolution
  • Reproducibility < 0.5 %


Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

Measurement in UHV. Point- line- and area analysis as well as element specific ion microscopy.


Coupling to the 6 MV tandem accelerator under construction


Polished samples (1 inch in diameter) – after careful investigation by optical and electron microscopy and electron microprobe (major elements).

Suitable for vacuum stable solids, conductive samples as well as insulators, all samples will be covered by a thin Au-layer.

  • Samples stable under UHV conditions
  • Availability of matrix-matched standards
  • Elements and isotopes measurable according to mass resolution and interferences
  • Sufficient ionization yield for negative ions (for Super-SIMS)

Examples of typical analytical questions:

– Determination of ultratrace element distribution in all types of synthetic and natural materials

Fields of research:

  • Materials for energy storage, ceramics, electronic materials,
  • Natural and synthetic minerals
  • Resource technology