Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) – TalosF200X


Microstructural characterization of novel Fe based structural materials for energy applications, e.g. ODS steels, and investigation of deformation processes


Specific information on the method:

  • TEM point resolution: 0.25 nm
  • Information limit: 0.12 nm
  • TEM magnification range: 25x – 1.5Mx
  • STEM HAADF resolution: 0.16 nm
  • STEM magnification range: 150x – 230Mx
  • EDS energy resolution: ≤ 136 eV for Mn-Kα and 10 kcps
  • Detection of elements: Z ≥ 5


Specific information on the equipment/instrumentation:

  • Talos F200X
  • 200kV FEG-TEM
  • STEM system with BF/LAADF/HAADF detector
  • 4 windowless SDD detectors arranged symmetrically with a total solid angle of 0.9 sr for ultrafast EDS mapping
  • 2 low-background double-tilt holders
  • In-situ straining sample holder



  • Suitable for solids


Examples of typical analytical questions:

  • Characterization of ODS alloys in terms of spatial distribution, size distribution, number density, structure and chemical composition of nano-oxide particles
  • Characterization of type, spatial distribution, size distribution, number density of neutron and ion irradiation-induced nanostructural features, e.g. dislocation loops and voids, in Fe-based alloys
  • Observation of the interaction of gliding dislocations with nano-oxide particles and irradiation-induced features under mechanical stresses


Fields of research:

high-temperature materials, nuclear materials