The Helmholtz energy material characterization platform

Accelerated development of renewable energy technologies and the advancement of energy storage and efficient conversion technologies have become essential for achieving Germany’s goals with respect to the necessary transformation of the energy system. Basic material science is still a major driver for the necessary technological development. Thus, future enhancement of efficiency, performance, and cost-effectivness will depend critically on our capability to develop substantially improved materials and material systems as well as on our ability to understand and to design their opto-electronic, electro-chemical, or thermo-mechanical properties.

The HEMCP concentrates on those technology areas where improvements are especially dependent on progress in material science: Photovoltaic systems, chemical and electrochemical energy conversion and storage as well as thermoelectric energy converters.

The HEMCP strengthens the interlink between technology-oriented research and the development of sustainable energy systems based in the individual participating centers and the scientific opportunities of experiments in large-scale facilities as well as the cooperation with universities and other research associations like the Max-Planck-Institutes or even industrial partners.

HEMCP - Institutes and instruments

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